We hire Scooters Wheelchairs  Powerchairs 

There are many times when you may need to hire a mobility scooter, powerchair  or wheelchair for a short period of time.  

Maybe you are going on holiday and need a smaller scooter to bring with you?  We have small scooters that will break down into pieces and will fit  in the back of your car.

Maybe you want to take a loved one out for the day?  We have attendant and self propelled wheelchairs that are perfect for a stroll along the seafront.

Maybe you are visiting the area?  Both are Folkestone and Birchington branches are located on the coast.  The perfect location to take a mobility scooter or powerchair  along the seafront, & enjoy the sea air!

We carry a full range of Mobility Products for hire including:

  • Scooters that dismantle to go in the boot of the car
  • 4 mph pavement use scooters
  • 8 mph road use scooters
  • Power-chairs
  • Attendant wheelchairs
  • Self propelled wheelchairs 
  • These are all available for hire on a daily or weekly basis.

Hire prices start from £10 a day.  We can arrange collection & delivery of your mobility product.  We will fully demonstrate the hire product for you.

We have good relationships with many local hotels, who have regular guests who hire mobility products.

  Call today to book your scooter , powerchair or wheelchair, to get mobile. 

We offer mobility home visits, to help you find the right product for you

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