Why choose a recliner from Safe Hands Mobility?

  • We offer a full range of both single and dual motor rise and recline chairs, same day delivery available on some models.
  • Our Thanet & Folkstone staff are fully trained to ensure that you have a chair that meets all of your requirements in terms of height, weight and mobility needs.
  • Once selected, we deliver and install the rise and recline furniture into your home and remove the furniture it replaces.
  • In addition to the chair, we are also able to offer a comprehensive range of 2 seat and 3 seat settees to match.
Rise & Recline
Rise & Recline Chairs

Safe Hands Mobility work closely with Rise & Recline Ltd, one of the UK’s largest and most trustworthy adjustable furniture manufacturers. Choose your individually tailored piece of furniture from one of the highest quality manufacturers.

Celebrity have been manufacturing quality furniture for over 25 years. Celebrity offer a range of recliners made to the highest quality and performance standards at their Derbyshire factories.

Manufactured to the highest standards using steel frames and lifting mechanisms combined with the exceptionally reliable and powerful Okin motors our chairs are built to last.

Luxurious comfort, quality and style, words often overused. Pride Mobility on the other hand can be confident of such claims, with sales in excess of 1.2 million lift chairs globally, their success tells its own story.

Rise & Recline Chair Actions Available


Handset or power button operated options. The Single Motor action allows the footrest to rise before the chair back reclines.


Pull the recliner latch to release the foot rest and gently push on the arms to recline. Manual handle options also available.


Operated by a handset, the Dual Motor action allows the footrest and the chair back to be operated independently to create your perfect sitting position.


Fixed chairs and settees without any action are available in all ranges.

We offer mobility home visits, to help you find the right product for you

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